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With the "Sons of Anarchy" penultimate episode, titled "Red Rose," set to air on 2 Decemeber, a new photo of Tig has been released online.

Played by Kim Coates, Tig is seen standing next to a van. The photo has come after the network released a photo of Jax Teller and Unser having a serious conversation. Though not much has been revealed about "Red Rose," it is being said that Tig will be shown enjoying his time with Venus.

Moreover, with an impending death of one of the SAMCRO members, it could so happen that Tig may become the victim just like Bobby.

According to a Catermatt report, "The biggest thing that Tig has to concern himself with is collateral damage, which could be said for many of the Sons right now."

Show creator Kurt Sutter said in one of his previous interviews that the audience will get to witness a lot of bloodshed before the show reaches it end. It has also been speculated that Teller's mother Gemma may die.

Teller has come to know that Gemma was responsible for his wife Tara's death and he may kill Gemma for murdering his wife. However, there seems a bleak possibility of it as Teller may find it difficult to kill his mother.

Meanwhile, Theo Rossi who plays Juice on the show revealed his feelings about the show's finale. He said the fans would be pleased with the ending.

"All I can say is, as a fan myself, I just think it's just terrific. They're so good, they're so well done. They're everything I could ever want as a fan of the show," he said to Naples Daily News. He also suggested that ending has been "bittersweet."

"I'm not going to be hanging out with my SOA family. But at the same time, [showrunner] Kurt [Sutter] is telling the story he wants to tell. It's extremely satisfying," he further said.

Juice has been sent to jail in episode 11 of "SOA."

Sons of Anarchy airs on Tuesdays at 10pm ET/PT on FX. Watch it online here.