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Katey Sagal, who plays the role of Gemma in "Sons of Anarchy", has given some hints about the show's finale in a recent interview. The actress says that there are going to be "lot of tears", as the biker drama reaches its end.

Sagal's character Gemma killed Jax Teller's wife Tara in "SOA" season 6. She tried to save herself from Teller's wrath by blaming the Chinese gang for Tara's death. However, she will be unable to hide the truth anymore, as her conscience will prick her.

"We're seeing her own conscience finally grabbing her," Sagal told Daily News, adding, "With everything she's done before, she was able to compartmentalise. This one was just too much for her."

This possibly means that Gemma may finally confess to crime and repent her doing. Since the onset of "SOA" season 7, Teller has been in search of his wife's killer. In the recently aired episode, he came to know about the real killer of the wife and got disturbed to know that his mother did it.

Meanwhile, Sagal also spoke about how she and Charlie Hunnam (Jax Teller) felt about the show's ending. "It was very satisfying, for me and for Charlie," she said.

"SOA" will be airing its finale on 9 Dec on FX. Show-maker Kurt Sutter has also hinted in his various interviews that there is going to be lot of "bloodshed" towards the end. 

Further, after the series ends, a tablet game and novel will be released to keep the brand thriving.

"They're all different scopes. We've been trying to get the novelisations to happen because the graphic novels did well, so that's kind of cool. We've been trying to get a game off the ground, and I think we found a really good compromise in terms of it being high-end tablet," said Sutter to EW about keeping FX's popular biker drama alive in fans hearts.

"Sons of Anarchy" season 7 episode 12 airs on FX on 25 Nov. It is titled "Red Rose."