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The upcoming episode of "Sons of Anarchy" will possibly kill of one or two of its main characters, spoilers indicate.

Episode 9 of season 7 is titled "What a Piece of Work Is Man", and when it comes to death, the two most obvious choices are Bobby and Juice. But showrunner Kurt Sutter told Entertainment Weekly that it might not be Juice. Confirming that a character will bid adieu in episode nine or 10, he said Juice is not on the hit list. "That'll f–k people up," the showrunner said.

However, it does not seem that the maimed and mutilated Bobby, too, will meet his untimely death, as the trailer for the episode indicated the release of Bobby in "What a Piece of Work Is Man."

The episode will see Jax, the character played by Charlie Hunnam, dealing with a conflict inside the organisation, and spoilers indicate that it might have something to do with his killing of Jury. Although has claimed that he killed Jury in self defense, it appears that others are having a hard time believing it.

Jax shot him in the head after the latter admitted to wanting Jax dead for killing his son Gib. But before dying Jury denied allegations that he was the one who ratted out the club to Lin, putting the issue of the rat back at square one.

The previous episode ended with the club receiving a delivery from Marks' crew -- Bobby's fingers. Elaborating on the importance of the scene, show creator Sutter said that Bobby's fingers were chopped off so that he wouldn't return to the club.

"The violence of cutting Bobby's fingers off is not about making sense or not, it's just definitively about cruelty because Moses knows this guy will eventually have to leave the thing that he believes in the most because he's crippled him in a way that he'll never be able to come back from.

"Think back to when Clay was dealing with his arthritis in his hands. It was like, you gotta ride a certain number of times or you're out of the club. They go for the thing that would take him out of the club for good, whether he survives or not. Even though it's just his hand, it's very cruel."

"Sons of Anarchy" season 7, episode 9 will air on 4 November on FX, and the episode will be streamed online.