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"Sons of Anarchy" is on its final ride. With just two episodes to go, fans can't wait to see how Kurt Sutter plans to wrap up the series. Episode 12 "Red Rose," which is also the penultimate episode will air tonight and there is much buzz around Jax Teller and Gemma's confrontation.

The SAMCRO leader is under tremendous emotional stress and is unable to deal with his mother Gemma's ugly truth.

The sevent season of FX's popular biker drama has the underlying tone of revenge and Teller might punish Gemma for killing his wife Tara. Speculations are also rife that Teller could step down from the position of president after killing Jury White.

In episode 11, Teller had an emotional conversation with Nero where he told him that his mother killed Tara. He also confessed that killing his mother was not a solution, as that will not give him closure.

With Teller's family coming under the scanner, a lot of emotional drama is expected in the coming two episodes. Nero told Teller to make a fresh start and move away from the town of Charming. It remains to be seen what Teller will decide. Will he avenge his wife's death or will he start a new life away from the bloodshed?

Meanwhile, with regard to playing the emotional scene with Charlie Hunnam (Teller) Jim Smits said that his reaction to Gemma's ugly truth was instantaneous.

"And Kurt [Sutter] decided in this instance to let it play, see what [Nero's] reaction is. And then it goes to, to a larger degree, how does betrayal affect people? How do they deal with it? I knew that particular scene was going to have a big impact, and we really had to both come on the set that day and be ready to go for it," said Smits to TV Yahoo.

"Sons of Anarchy" episode 12 will air on FX at 10pm ET/PT on 2 Dec. It can be streamed online here. The show cast includes Hunnam, Katy Sagal, Smits and others. "SOA" season 7's finale will air on 7 December.