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"Sons of Anarchy" has only two episodes to go before it reaches its end. The popular FX's biker series is on an all-time high, as Jax Teller is all set to make an "ultimate decision" about his wife's killer.

The preview of Episode 12 "Red Rose," showed Teller's emotions being scattered all over the place after he came to know that his mother Gemma had killed his wife Tara. He may take revenge from his mother for Tara's death, but is unable to reach to any conclusion as till date none of the revengeful acts has done any good, according to a report on Catermatt. Gemma is trying to hide from the situation and is make sure that she doesn't come within her son's vision.

However, "Red Rose" being the penultimate episode, is expected to be full of drama and emotions. In one of his previous interviews, Charlie Hunnam who plays Teller had said that, "Anyone else in the world, 100 percent guaranteed he's gonna murder them in slow and brutal fashion, but it's his mother, you know, it's gonna be complicated," reports Entertainment Weekly.

So will Teller forgive his mother? Show creator Kurt Sutter had said that there is going to be a lot of blood bath in the last episodes of the biker drama and the death of a major character. Though few characters have already died in the previous episodes, by "major character" could he mean Gemma?

Meanwhile, a unique song will be used to close the show. "There was a song I've been trying to get for a while, and it's by an artist that very rarely lets his music be used, and I had to tap into some of my big connections to get it. I still have to send the artist pages to get approval, but as far as getting permission, we got permission to use it and we'll use the master of that most likely. I think it'll tell the story that I want to tell," Sutter had said to the Website.

"Sons of Anarchy" season 7 episode 12 airs on FX on 25 Nov. The finale will be aired on 3 Dec.