One of the most adorable couples in Korea, Song Seung Hun and Liu Yifei, might not tie the knot soon, even though actor Song Seung Hun plans to settle down soon. Seung Hun interacted with his fans on a Chinese online broadcast, and revealed his plans.

The actor said: "If I was given the choice of choosing between being an great father or a great actor, I would choose to be a great father without hesitation. My most modest dream is to form a family and be with my wife and kids whom I love."

His fans, who were admittedly wooed by the actor's honest admission, asked him about his relationship with Chinese actress Liu Yifei.

The "Wonderful Nightmare" actor said that he cherishes his relationship with Liu, but the two haven't laid down concrete plans for the future, reported Allkpop. Furthermore, he revealed that he would want his wedding to be an extremely private ceremony. If it was up to him, he would have just his wife and himself at the actual ceremony.

Song Seung and Yifei were recently seen at a charity event in Beijing. They posted the picture on Weibo. Dressed in monochrome, Liu looked dazzling while Seung Hun was dressed in a classic evening suit for the black tie event.

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