After lauding Delhi girl Jasleen Kaur for taking an alleged eve-teaser to task, actress Sonakshi Sinha has apologised to accused Sarvjeet Singh. Sonakshi initially believed the girl, but now apparently feels that her version isn't true. 

Although, the exact truth behind the case is yet to be revealed, as Jasleen and Sarvjeet have different versions of the story, Sonakshi apparently feels that believing Jasleen's words was a mistake on her part.

The "Tevar" actress took to Twitter to apologise to Sarvjeet and also spoke up in his support.

When a fan appreciated Sonakshi for having the courage to apologise on social media, the actress made a humble reply to the same.

Jasleen Kaur triggered a storm on social media a few days back with a Facebook post accusing Sarvjeet Singh of harassment. Claiming that she has filed a police complaint against him, she also posted a picture of the man and asked people to make the post viral.

The post did go viral and the Delhi police arrested Sarvjeet, but he was later released on bail. While Sarvjeet stuck to his version that the allegations were false and that Jasleen was doing it all for publicity, the whole issue saw a twist when an elderly eyewitness narrated the incident and spoke in favour of Sarvjeet. 

The eyewitness explained that the two had gotten into a minor argument in regards to jumping the traffic signal.