Looks like there is a new Ranbir and Kartina in making. Just like the "Rajneeti" Jodi, Bollywood is bemused by the hush -hush affair of Sonakshi Sinha and Shahid Kapoor.  

Both Ranbir and Kat have been spotted together on various occasions, but none of them has gone on record to reveal the status of their relationship. Similarly, Sona and Shahid have reportedly gone on various dates during the promotion of their 2014 blockbuster "R-Rajkumar", however, they have maintained the so-called friendly co-stars status.

Recently, the alleged couple was caught partying in Goa and the buzz suggests that the "Dabangg" girl was in abundant spirit to celebrate the birthday of her rumored beau, reported Pinkvilla.com

Sinha even took to Twitter to let the world know about her whereabouts at Shahid's birthday.

"Happy Birthday @shahidkapoor!! Goa mein gandi baat aur party all night okkk :p have funnnns!!," Sonakshi wrote on her official Twitter account.

Though Sonakshi may have gone on social media to share her excitement and thrill after Shahid's party, she did not give any hint about her relationship status with the Kapoor lad.

Kaif did a similar thing during her L'Oreal Paris conference by warding off the question regarding the "Rockstar" actor. In regards to her relationship with her " Ajab Prem ki Gazab Kahani" co-star, Kat mysteriously said, " I am totally worth it," reported Pinkvilla.com

Meanwhile, Sonakshi and Sahid's relationship became the talk of the town when they both appeared "more than the friends" during the promotion of the 2014 blockbuster "R-Rajkumar". Reportedly, during their Ahmedabad promotions Shahid even gifted a saree to Sona, according to Mid Day.

The duo's appearance on the 8 Feb episode of "Koffee With Karan" added fuel to fire. Following in the footsteps of Ranbir, Shahid intelligently evaded all the questions in regards to his relationship with Sonakshi.

When Karan asked Shahid about his plans to date an actress he said, "I would never date an actress again. I am quite scared of that."

However, he did mention that, " Woman  are hotter when they are naturally voluptuous," which might have been a hint at their relationship status, considering Sona is curently the most voluptuous woman in the industry.