Son Tae Young
Former Miss Korea and Actress Son Tae Young file imageGetty Images

South Korean actress and former Miss Korea Son Tae Young continues to receive criticism from social media users after her son was seen sitting in the artists' section at the 2018 Melon Music Awards.

Social media was abuzz with the fact that Son Tae Young's son had received special treatment during the ceremony where the actress attended as a presenter.

Son Tae Young's agency clarified that the actress' son who was accompanied by a staff member, entered right before her presentation and left right afterwards.

In spite of the agency's clarifications, the actress has continued to receive criticism stating that "her son and her niece were spotted in fancams during many artists' performances but were not sitting in the artists' section when Son Tae Young was actually presenting".

People have taken to social media handles to question the special treatment meted out to her son as well as the validity of her agency's statement.

Son Tae Young was invited as a presenter to the 2018 Melon Music Awards held on December 1. The actress presented the award for the Best Song of the Year along with Lee Sang Yoon.

Clarifying their stand, the actress' agency H8 stated that "there was no preferential treatment. However, if we caused any discomfort to people from the sight of him sitting in the artists' seats for a few minutes, then we apologize".

The agency further added that the ceremony took place late in the night and Son Tae Young had brought her child because she had been unable to find anyone to watch him.

The agency also claimed that they were unaware that "the chair he received information about was reserved for artists. If we had known they were officially reserved for artists we would have felt pressured to refuse".

Son Tae Young is yet to comment on the accusations regarding her son.