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Taylor Swift, the "Shake it Off" hitmaker, was one of the chosen people on the two-hour special of "Barbara Walters Presents: The 10 Most Fascinating People of 2014" and talking to the host about her clean image, Swift revealed she had a wild side too.

Barbara Walters started off the segment featuring Swift talking about how the "Love Story" crooner had kept away from extreme controversies.

"You have such a good reputation. You have never been 'the bad girl'... You don't drink. You don't smoke," Walters urged.

But Swift said she does have a wild side too, admitting that she drinks.

"I mean, I do drink, I am 25. So it's not like, I mean... Yeah, I was at a Knicks game and I had a beer and everybody was like, 'Ohhh!' I was like, 'Tsk.'" Swift shared.

However, Swift added that she hasn't really stepped out of character much because she realises that she has a lot of young fans and doesn't want to let them down or set the wrong example.

"I did wait until I was 21 to drink. I was so paranoid about getting in trouble or setting the wrong example or sending the wrong message," Swift explained.

Swift and Walters also talked about her latest album "1989", which sold a million copies in the first week itself. The album was also the first record to go platinum in 2014.

Swift also agreed that her life is "abnormal" because "crowds form" wherever she goes. She admitted that taking security along with her everywhere was a little annoying and it made her realise that she can never really be alone.

So how does Swift manage the abnormality in life? Her fans. The fact that she can get so up and personal with her fans makes her feel sane, Swift confessed.

Watch the interview below: