FRIENDS, certainly remains one of the most loved TV shows of all times. It is one of the only shows from a decade ago that we’ve all watched indefinite re runs of and it’s still never enough! It is impressive how even now everyone seems to be watching it on a constant loop. Interestingly enough, the show is genuinely funny. Pick any episode from among all ten seasons, and you’ll be in splits. Be it Rachel’s goofiness, Ross’s straight face, Phoebe’s wacky one liners, Chandler’s wit, Monica’s crazy voice or Joey’s mad ideas.

With so many repeat runs on TV, it’s easier to spot those pesky little mistakes or as they call it continuity issues. Here’s a look at some of them:

• The numbers of flats facing each other were 4 and 5 when the series started, but after a few shows they were changed to 19 and 20.

• In “The One with the Red Sweater”, when Monica is sitting with Phoebe opening her wedding presents, she unwraps one to reveal a cardboard box. Then the camera moves to Joey but when it moves back to Monica the present is wrapped up again. This happens about 3 times.

• In “The One Where Joey and Rachel Kiss”, towards the end of the episode, Monica is waving her shellfish hair. When the camera zooms out, the end of the set above and the hanging equipment is clearly visible.

• Ross doesn’t not age for three entire seasons n the show! Yes, he mentions that he’s 29 years old in seasons 3, 4 and 5 when in fact the three seasons show three different Christmases and three different Thanksgivings episodes.

• And Ross is clearly confused about his birthday. Maybe he has two of them! In two different episodes, once he states his birthday is in December while the second time he says its on October 18th.

• In “The One with the Late Thanksgiving”, when Joey is stuck between the door and others are trying to push him through, he runs into the food cart and gets stains all over his T-shirt. The stains on his T-shirt keep changing as the shots change.

• All of remember how in the pilot episode, Rachel left the guy she was going to marry at the altar, Barry Finkle. Well, so she said. But when she later vsiits Barry in a dental clinic, he becomes Barry Farber. How did that happen?

• Remember, in “The Last One”, where Joey and Chandler had to break the Foosball table to get Chick Junior and Duck Junior out? Its strange how they had to break the table open when in The One with the Embryos, Chandler and Joey are moving their stuff into Monica and Rachel’s apartment, they conveniently move the Foosball table separating it into two parts.