The solar eclipse on March 9, 2016, was witnessed across the world Wednesday. From India to Hawai, countries saw either full or partial view of the solar eclipse, last seen on Jan. 4, 2011. While Indonesia got to see a total eclipse, other parts of the world got a partial view. This was the last solar eclipse until 2019. 

In India, the solar eclipse was visible in the southern states of Hyderabad and Andhra Pradesh in the wee hours. The viewing in Hyderabad was expected between 6:29 a.m. and 6:47 a.m.

People wore masks, sunglasses and other protective gear in Australia to view the partial eclipse. Meanwhile, other countries in Southeast Asia and the Pacific were able to see the passing of the moon between the earth and the sun.  

The view was best from Southeast Asia, especially Indonesia. You can watch the video here.

The eclipse can still be viewed in certain places of the world. Here's a list of places and timings. 

To see the solar eclipse, a protective layer on the eyes is recommended. Also, pinhole projectors, telescopes can also be used, according to Sky & Telescope.

The images of the solar eclipse can be seen here: