Sohel Farid

There are more startups than ever before, and the competition only seems to get bigger and better. But it is also the truth that there are more accomplished and successful entrepreneurs in the world than ever before. "Kraft" is a shoe brand small town-based startup trying to build a benchmark standard in the industry. Sohel Farid is an energetic entrepreneur from Bangladesh who wants to make his legacy through his own company. Growing up in Chattogram (former Chittagong) city, he joined the family business at a very early age. He learned a lot from his family business which he later utilized to start his own SME visioned company.

The company is a premium shoes & leather craft brand based in Chattogram, Bangladesh. It is the first Chattogram-based brand with a plan to set up a benchmark nationwide business that will handle from one outlet to countrywide and gradually to the international market through e-platform. "Our investment strategy is based on developing the SME initiative with a low budget investment and reaches every doorstep around the globe from a single storefront," said Sohel.

When asked about how he started his journey as an entrepreneur, he responded, "In 2004, right after graduation, I joined my family business to learn about entrepreneurship. Later in 2009, I started my first initiative in the retail industry with shoe and leather products. Since then, I have invested in various retail brands to meet the diverse demand of customers from all spheres of life."

He also added, "Kraft was founded in 2014. We announced to open its first retail store as a premium shoe brand in 2020 during the pandemic. Since then, it has started working towards providing the best quality footwear and leather crafts to our valuable customers.

His next plan is to launch a clothing and apparel lineup for everyone, which will be available to all consumer classes, and he wanted to invest in the international standard fitness field too.

He says, "I do not compromise with the quality, commitment and fulfill my social responsibility towards my city and country as a responsible citizen.".