Sofia Vergara
Actress Sofia Vergara arrives at the 19th annual Screen Actors Guild Awards in Los AngelesReuters

One of the most famous Latinas, Sofia Vergara, is fighting a legal battle against ex-fiancé Nick Loeb for the custody of their two frozen embryos. 

The Florida businessman filed the lawsuit against Vergara last week, accusing her of seeking the custody of the two female embryos to destroy them.

During this difficult time, the 42-year-old actress' "Modern Family" co-star Julie Bowen has come out in support of the Latina. Bowen told New York Daily that Vergara is a wonderful person and she is surprised that something like this is happening with her.

"She is one of the kindest, best people I know. I am so sad that on the eve of all of her great happiness that had to happen, but at the same time, I know that she will be perfectly fine'" said the actor who plays Claire Dunphy on the popular sitcom.

Bowen is also shocked at how Vergara and her fiancé are handling the lawsuit. "These are adults. These are all adults. Why is one acting so badly?"

Loeb had gone on public record, saying Vergara wanted the two embryos destroyed and he had strongly opposed it as he wanted to become a father. "I created these two female embryos with the purpose of taking them to term and not destruction, because I have always dreamed of being a father," he said in his statement.

He wants to take up the job of parenting very seriously as he mentioned that he would not ask for any financial help from the "Modern Family" star and would be happy to give her the opportunity to be involved in their lives.

However, Vergara - who is now engaged to Joe Manganiello of the "True Blood" fame - denied the claims. Her attorney Fred Sielberg told PEOPLE on Friday that she had "never wanted to destroy her embryos".

"She has always maintained that they be kept frozen, a fact of which Loeb and his counsel have always been aware, despite Loeb's statements to the contrary," the statement continued. "Vergara, who has happily moved on with her life, is content to leave the embryos frozen indefinitely as she has no desire to have children with her ex, which should be understandable given the circumstances," concluded Sielberg.