Social Networking Users Bid Farewell to Orkut, Shuts Down on 30 SeptScreenshot

The first social networking site, Orkut, which connected people and brought long-lost friends together, began to lost its charm ever since Facebook took social networking by storm. Facebook became everybody's favourite and thus, Google decided to shut Orkut down at the end of this month.

Most people who used Orkut will remember the website fondly. They are the ones who had the first social networking experience and who knew how it felt to see new scraps or stalk one's crush. Those days there were no smartphones and so spending hours in front the computer and exploring Orkut was a fun pass time.

But the popularity of the site went spiralling down when Google introduced other advanced versions of social networking sites. Facebook fever spread in such a tremendous way that Orkut lost its existence and was dying a slow death until the giant search engine decided to shut down Orkut.

On 30 September, Orkut will be phased-out. Here are some goodbye tweets from some of its many users: 

As the news spread, people logged into the website for one last time. Here is the video that captures people's reaction on logging in to Orkut for the last time.