Mohanlal, the biggest Superstar in Malayalam cinema is being trolled on the social media platforms after several national media outlets reported his possible entry to politics. He will reportedly make the foray as the BJP candidate in the Thiruvananthapuram constituency in the upcoming Lok Sabha elections.

Most of the comments that are now going viral on social media showcase Mohanlal as a man with 'cow dung' brain. It should be noted that supporters of CPI(M) and Congress in Kerala used to call RSS supporters 'Chanaka Sanghi' (Sangh worker with a brain made of cow dung) as they worship cow as their mother.

Some social media trolls argued that Mohanlal will never fall in the clutches of BJP, as he is a man of diplomacy who tries to please everyone with his neutral stand.

Sunitha Devadas, a journalist by profession recently wrote in Facebook about Mohanlal's hesitance to take a strong stand on any issue. The journalist alleged that Mohanlal is such a person who used to talk about something weird whenever media people shoots questions on him. Through this post, Sunitha was referring to Mohanlal's stand in the Dileep's actress molestation case.

In a press conference conducted by AMMA, Mohanlal said, "I stand with the victim, and I pray for Dileep as he is a co-worker."

"Mohanlal is a man of uncertainty. If you have any doubts, then imagine Mohanlal's answers when media people ask about his possible election candidature under the saffron flag. Our Superstar will tell, 'Life itself is an election contest right? Am I right? What do you think? Tell me media people'," posted Sunitha on her Facebook wall.

Some other social media users claimed that Mohanlal's film career is going to end if he joins BJP. As per these users, Mohanlal is going to face the fate of Superstar Suresh Gopi who was criticised following his entry to politics as BJP's Rajya Sabha member.


"CPI(M) always talks about freedom and rights, especially rights of expression. And now, when some media reported about Mohanlal's entry into politics via BJP, then their social media comrades started hurling abuses against the star. Is BJP not a political party? It is a well-known fact that Mammootty is a CPI(M) follower. Mukesh is the CPI(M) MLA, while Salim Kumar and Jagadeesh are Congress supporters. Why everybody starts targeting when somebody joins BJP. This attitude clearly shows who is intolerant,'' said a BJP source exclusively to IB Times.

The source also added that there is no confirmation regarding Mohanlal joining BJP in the near future.