Twitter's 144 characters limit can actually be annoying sometimes. While it is indeed less time-consuming, those who feel confident in expressing themselves through writing can easily be disappointed.

However, a woman, who has identified herself as Aziah "Zola" King has taken the social media world by storm with her 148-tweets epic novel that follows an intriguing story of her chance meeting with a sex trafficker, pimps, and murderer.

Posted on Tuesday night, the story is a first-person account of theheart-wrenching side of Florida that many, including the residents of the place, are familiar with, but they wouldn't talk about it like Zola.

It commences from the protagonist's (Zola) sudden meeting with a girl at a Hooter, and unfolds into her adventurous trip to Florida, scenes in motel rooms, a series of violent scenes including a murder, kidnap and even gruesome sexual abuse later.

Zola's selection of words, which is very informal triggers visual images . "Then she tells me this hulking black man is her sugar daddy & I'm like oh yes bitch my SD at home. I feel it, I feel it," she tweeted.

The story grabbed so much public attention that the Zola was searched for, left with a train of comments regarding sex, prostitution, racism, and many more and even some created fictional castings for an adapted version of a movie from the tweet-novel.

As far as media is concerned, Complex called the story the  "Wildest Story" one can read this week and hailed it as worth getting picked up for the screenplay for the sequel of "Spring Breakers". VH1 and BuzzFeed praised the story and added response tweets in their report.

The story is indeed very long, considering the number of tweets she posted, but definitely worth reading. Here's a link to Zola's tweet-story.