The manager of Mocambo Ashish Malik told ANI that the restaurant does not discriminate but if someone come dirtily dressed and unclean, the staff has to draw the line.Facebook

A well known restaurant called 'Mocambo' located in the Park Street area of Kolkata allegedly refused to serve a female diner because she was accompanied by her driver.

Dilashi Hemnani, the diner who is Marketing Manager at Tata Motors, was refused a table because Mocambo is a "fine dining restaurant" and the driver was "drunk" and "not properly dressed".

Hemnani wrote about her experience in detail in a Facebook post.

The post has been shared over 12,000 times by users, several of whom were enraged at the behaviour of the restaurant and expressed their anger on Facebook through comments on her post and on the official page of Mocambo.

Mocambo restaurant couldn't be reached for comments despite repeated attempts.