Oscar Pistorius Verdict:Judge says the blade runner is not guilty of premeditated murder.
Oscar Pistorius Verdict:Judge says the blade runner is not guilty of premeditated murder.Reuters

The news of South African judge finding paralympic sprinter Oscar Pistorius "not guilty" of murdering long-time girlfriend Reeva Steenkamp, has shocked and angered many.

Judge Thokozile Matilda Masipa during the Oscar Pistorius verdict on Thursday noted that there were "not enough facts" again him to be found guilty of premeditated murder, The New York Times reported.

The judge also noted that the double amputee could not be found guilty of a lesser form of murder in the killing of his girlfriend, Reeva Steenkamp, 29, whom he shot and killed in the early hours of 14 Feb, 2013.

The ruling does not mean that Oscar Pistorius will walk free. The Olympian may face a lesser sentencing for culpable homicide.

Following the 'not guilty' verdict against Oscar Pistorius, Twitter exploded with anger against the judgment.

CTC♦716 @CrackerSA7 stated: In South africa ur jailed longer for stealing food then killing sum1or stealing money like our government jayZ#OscarVerdict#OscarPistorius

Matt ‏@MatchRoomBox noted: Oscar Pistorius Cleared Of Reeva Murder do people get away with murder!!! Obviously they do!!!!

Another user wondered how Oscar Pistorius got away with murder.

@LaurenV80 lamented the fact that Reeva Steenkamp did not get the justice she deserved.

Katy Perry ‏@KatySlaysUrFav posted: If Oscar Pistorius was black he'd never see the light of day again, so pathetic that he's getting away with it.

Kirsty ‏@kirstygallacher posted:Can't believe Oscar Pistorius has been found NOT guilty of murder, the government and legal system in South Africa are completely corrupt.

Many while disappointed that Pistorius has been found not guilty, took solace in the fact that the blade-runner will have to serve time in jail for culpable homicide.