"So You Think You Can Dance" to Return With Changes in 2015
"So You Think You Can Dance" to Return With Changes in 2015Reuters

Fox has renewed "So You Think You Can Dance" for Season 12, but the show will return with a few changes for the summer of 2015.

The Emmy award-winning series will return with a new format. There will be two teams comprising of the Top 20 dancers - 10 street and 10 stage.

"The competition is going to be much more exciting for viewers and even more demanding for the dancers. Dancers from different genres have always been competitive with each other and we've found a great way to harness that to bring out the absolute best performances in the best dancers across the country," said Nigel Lythgoe - the co-creator, executive producer and judge of the competition - Digital Spy reports.

The stage dancers are those who are trained in dance styles like jazz, tap or ballet; while street dancers are the ones trained in hip-hop, break dancing or animation. The judges along with each team's All-Star Mentor will be responsible for eliminating dancers until they reach the Top 20.

Once they decide on the Top 20, one dancer from each team will be asked to leave based on their performances every week, ABC News reports.

"What we thought was why don't we give them an opportunity of getting through and then they've got the opportunity to train a little bit ... to relax a little bit, and then once we get to the top 20, that's when we hit them with, 'OK, now you've got to do all the different styles' ... where the stage kids are given hip-hop to do and the hip-hop kids are given stage dance to do," he further said.

Simon Andreae, Executive Vice President of Alternative Entertainment at Fox Broadcasting Co., said "So You Think You Can Dance" is a "rare jewel" as it combines high art with mass entertainment in the most sophisticated and satisfying way. He added that the show is produced with a lot of passion and has many loyal followers.