Obama Bieber Kiss

Monday is the deadline for youngsters to sign up for coverage on Healthcare.gov, and Saturday Night Live did a skit on President Barack Obama’s various efforts to increase sign ups, which saw him team up with Justin Bieber, Kim Kardashian and Harry Styles.

The skit had Jay Pharoah playing the President, who along with his social media expert (Noel Wells) arranges various online content to get youngsters sign up for insurance coverage. Obama appears happy that his appearance on “Between Two Ferns” helped create a lot of buzz for Obamacare, and expresses a desire to repeat the success.

This prompts Obama’s social media advisors asking him to do several ridiculous stunts to appeal to potential Obamacare users. And one of the stunts has the President sharing a kiss with Bieber.

“We want you to kiss Justin Bieber on the lips,” Obama’s social media manager says, to which Obama promptly says he wouldn’t sink to such a low.

“I guess I’ll kiss the President.. the President probably don’t wanna kiss me,” says the actor playing Bieber. But later, Obama gives in to the pressure and kisses the Canadian pop star. “Sir, that was beautiful,” the social media expert says after the kiss, adding, “You made history.”

Obama’s other attempts to reach out to youngsters included snapping a selfie with Kardashian and One Direction member Styles in an bid to break Ellen DeGeneres’ Twitter record, and wearing Pharrell Williams’ hat while puffing on an e-cigarette. Another outrageous stunt saw the President dancing with Pope Francis for a Vine video, all in the name of the Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act, popularly known as Obamacare.

While Obama constantly voices out his apprehension regarding the “silly” measures his staff prompts him to do, they remind him that he was the one who brought in Obamacare.

“I’m not sure about this.. isn’t it a little silly?,” Obama questions when told that his Instagram picture has been liked 152,000 times. But his staff member, Mike, answers: “Right now there is a pregnant woman in Denver who has no health insurance -- that's silly.”

Mike has several similar reasons when Obama questions the social media exercise. Watch the video below.