Salman Khan in Bigg Boss 14

Bigg Boss 14 is one of the most awaited TV shows that will be airing on TV come October. After a huge gap in production due to the pandemic, now the show is returning with much speculation on how the house will be and how the show will be shot. 

In a new development, as is usually the case with highly-anticipated TV shows, an inside tour of the house was offered on social media. While there's been no official confirmation on these pics, they've created a stir among fans.

Bigg Boss house gets a new look

Fans have been left with their imagination about how the Bigg Boss house will look this time around. After a long break to see one of the biggest reality shows on television, curiosity has been high. 

On Instagram, pictures which claim to be from the house have been circulating, and fans are wondering if these pictures are in fact from the house. If these pictures are from the house, it's a colourful theme. The photos are of the living, bedroom and entry mainly.

The beds have pink and orange sheets, with silver arches on the ceiling of the room and the Bigg Boss eye at the back. Moreover, there's a multi-coloured sofa in the middle of the room.

Another photo shows a circular, silver leather couch against a patterned backdrop.

The entry area has also been jazzed up as the fan account revealed:

While a lot of speculation has revolved on the themes this year, especially with the pandemic, there was some talk of contestants being able to enjoy some activities they missed out on during lockdown. Salman Khan will return as the familiar host on the show in relief for fans. As things are yet to be revealed, much of it is open to debate, however, neither the makers of the show or production have confirmed who will be on the contestant list this time. The show will premiere next month on October 3rd.