After Snapdeal employee Dipti Sarna (24) returned home post 36 hours of massive search, the police say that the abduction was inspired from Shah Rukh Khan's movie "Darr". Five people, one of them a psychopath, have been arrested in the case that reportedly has a one-sided love angle.

The Snapdeal executive was kidnapped on Wednesday evening near Delhi. However, the kidnappers later released her and Sarna came back home unharmed. The police arrested five accused, Monday, and said that the abduction was inspired from Shah Rukh's popular movie "Darr", in which the actor played the role of a psychopath in love with Juhi Chawla's character. 

"It is just like a case portrayed in Bollywood movie "Darr" where Shah Rukh Khan is involved in a one-sided affair. The prime accused was just like a psycho and lived in a virtual reality. The criminals are hardcore," Hindustan Times quoted Ghaziabad senior superintendent of police, Dharmendra Singh as saying.

According to the police, the prime accused had stalked the victim for more than a year and wanted to win her heart. "I never had an inkling that someone could be following me as the Metro is crowded and I always boarded the ladies compartment. I remained puzzled throughout the abduction as to where and why I was being taken. Also, it was strange that even after abducting me, they did not harm me," the report quoted her as saying.

Sarna boarded a metro after leaving office and then took a shared auto-rickshaw from outside the metro station. However, the auto broke down mid-way and thus, she took another shared auto that had four men and one other woman, excluding the driver. The four men then forced the other woman out of the auto on knife-point and Sarna was kidnapped as the driver was also involved in the crime, the report added. The 24-year-old also said that the kidnappers took good care of her and eventually left her at a Suburban railway station, handing her Rs 100.