The recent case of abduction of a Snapdeal employee, in which the kidnapper is believed to be inspired by Shah Rukh Khan's "Darr," has everyone talking. The superstar also opened up about it, expressing the strangeness of the event.

"Darr was a story of this obsessive lover, who can give life for the woman he loves and he does. It wasn't meant to inspire negative things. But I do feel our film touch people's lives," the "Fan" star told the Press Trust of India on Tuesday.

The crazy stalker, Devendra Kumar, who has several criminal cases against him, kidnapped Snapdeal employee Dipti Sarna on the evening of Feb. 10 and let her walk free two days later. He had been watching her every move ever since he first saw her at the Rajiv Chowk Metro Station last January.

"Celebrities do have an amazing effect on fans. I feel we affect people more positively and less negatively...Our work influences them in a bigger way than we think. No filmmaker tells a story to inspire anything negative in people. There are times when people get negatively affected. It is unfortunate," the news agency quoted him as saying.

SRK was in the capital to launch the one and only song, "Jabra Fan," from his upcoming film "Fan." The video has garnered almost a million hits and is being loved by the superstar's fans. Directed by Maneesh Sharma, the thriller isn't a regular fan-meets-boy story and boasts a dramatic climax.