Snapchat had a business plan in mind when it introduced a new feature called "Lenses" -- which allows the users to animate their selfies with amusing special effects like vomiting rainbow, monocle, lightning from the eyes etc. -- as it has now started charging users for their favourite filters.

The new "Lenses" feature became a hit soon after it was launched in September and the people became obsessed with it overnight. The company said that they are used in a whopping 10 million snaps a day. But now, one has to pay to use some of the favourite filters like vomiting rainbow.

Snapchat releases a new lens every day to replace the old one, and now it has launched "lens store" to let users "purchase lenses for $0.99 and keep them forever," according to a report by The Verge. However, paid lenses are available only in the United States, Canada, the United Kingdom, Australia, Brazil, Saudi Arabia, and a few other European countries at the moment. 

There is an option for the users not to pay for the filters (though they can't keep their favourite ones without purchase), as the company will release several free lenses a day. But, the new move by the company has upset many.

Many people took to Twitter to slam the company for the move:

Interestingly, Snapchat retweeted hate tweets which many took it positively. There are also people who think it's justified to pay for the lenses.