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A Snapchat leak suggests a possible update that could see the company working to include a new chat interface called ChatV2 with audio or video call features that will help it take on bigger competitors like Facebook Messenger, Google Hangouts and others.

This new leak was uncovered in Snapchat's codes by Xda Forum members. This new update could make it easier for Snapchat users to send photos, or to start a video with another user. The new update will be adding a new interface where users will be able to start voice calls and send stickers.

The update is likely to add buttons to all these new features, which is likely to be placed on above the chat sections' keyboard.

Tech Crunch reports how Evan Spiegel, CEO of Snapchat, admired the way many of the Asian messaging apps work, with their money making ways. So the company is looking to tap into the in-app commercial potential.

Apps like Line and WeChat are reportedly making money by selling in-app stickers and Snapchat too could make a similar approach, though Snapchat shut such an approach recently.

Though Snapchat supports video chatting, both the users have to be present in the app to use it.