Snail launches OBOX gaming console and two Android Gaming Smartphone at CES 2015
Snail launches W 3D Android Gaming SmartphoneSnail

The Chinese software publishing company Snail has released their new line of gaming consoles and smartphones at Consumer Electronics Show 2015.

Obox, the home-gaming console includes two processors and four wireless controllers. Running on Android operating system, the Obox is said to be different from the Xbox or PlayStation platforms.

According to the developers, they have already started porting their popular PC version games to the Android platform, which may create some interest to the console or PC-based gamers. Capable to provide 3D video output on any 3D compatible TV's, the OBOX will allow traditional joysticks along with air mouse controller for playing motion sensor-based games.

Apart from Obox, Snail have also released two Android-based gaming smartphones, W and W3D. Both the smartphones feature a 5.5-inch HD display. The Snail will bundle a 3D glass for free with the W3D smartphone, which features eye-tracking technology for real time auto adjustment. Both the phones runs on a custom version of Android and bundles 30 Snail-developed popular games.

The W and W3D will also support downloading from the large Android library of games, allowing users access to top mobile titles. The phones available in the North American market will arrive unlocked and compatible with most US network providers. In addition to the specially designed layout, the devices are fully functional smartphones with competitive specs, complete with dual cameras, Android-based applications and impressive battery life.