With the growing popularity of smartphone devices, people are getting addicted to technology. Most of them search Google while seeking information and log on to social networking sites instead of mingling with friends and relatives in person.

A recent study conducted by security software developer Kaspersky revealed some shocking facts about peoples' growing dependency on smartphones. The company conducted the research on 1,007 adult smartphone users in India and found that seven out of 10 people could recall their spouse's phone numbers without checking their phones. However, only two out of 10 could recall their child's school's contact number.

The research also revealed that young users are more dependent on devices. The research further pointed out that the dependency would grow severe over the time.

The research also found out that around half of the people started believing Internet as an extension of their brain. The researchers found around half of the people are not interested in remembering facts rather interested in remembering the digital source of the facts. The same is happening with phone cameras, which are becoming more trustworthy than human eyes.

Kaspersky has suggested a solution for curing the trend. According to them, users should stay away from phones and apps for at least a week to tune back the body with the frequencies of nature.

Altaf Halde, managing director - South Asia of Kaspersky Lab said, "Digital amnesia should not be taken lightly. Yes, a smartphone has become almost a necessity for anyone who lives in today's society and it's an essential professional and personal tool for communication. However, it is very important to limit ones dependency on it primarily because of its addictive properties. The mind is a muscle and it if it's not used for the reasons it was made, it will become lazy."