Train that doesnt stop
Train that doesnt stopScreenshot/YouTube

Trains play an exceptionally important role in the lives of the working and student population in most metropolitan cities and this is going to be even truer, if these trains are going to save more time and not stop at any station.

How do you get off, then? Simple! Just stay inside the "embarkation capsule" that is placed on to the waiting platform from the moving train so that you are picked on and off the trains without actually, physically having to do that.

Business Insider had reported Chinese designer Chen Jianjun's proposal for this idea that he had as early as 2010 and it remains as interesting and full of potential even today.

Check out the video below, which demonstrates how it works:

Passengers will step onto a compartment platform above an incoming train, which is then snagged by the train as it moves through the platform. Anyone who wants to exit at the station ascends into the roof-top pod, which is then snagged by the station.

The train itself never stops; it simply trades embarkation capsules as its moves through stations, giving passengers a window of time to board without the train needing to stop.

The video is in Chinese, but according to a translated version, the designer explains that on a journey between Beijing and Guangzhou there can be up to 30 stops. If each stop takes approximately five minutes to drop off and pick up passengers, this adds an extra 2 hours and 30 minutes to the journey.

Rather than waste this precious time, passengers already waiting in the pod above the tracks are picked up by moving train. This method would save commuters time and avoid wasteful speeding up and breaking the burn fuel.

In 2011, Paul Priestman of Priestmangoode, Britain's leading transport designer had proposed a similar idea "Moving Platforms" for trams.

Priestman explains "Moving Platforms" as a concept that would allow "people to travel from their street to another street, in another city, in another country, by train, without stopping."

The concept of "Moving Platforms" is that a tram travelling through a city links up with the high speed line outside the city and docks with each other (see video below), allowing the passengers to travel between the two trains while they are moving. After this, the two separate, tram returns back to the city and the train goes ahead on its path.

The main issue with implementing this concept, Priestman says, is that is a new 21st Century train service on a station-based infrastructure that was designed in the 19th century for steam trains.