Video making concept is spreading its roots on YouTube firmly. Many viners (Video makers) are showcasing their talents on YouTube. The youngsters are pretty much attracted towards the concept and yes, they actually love to watch the funny, comic videos. There are many viners who try to make amazing videos but there are few who get success. One of them is Sumesh. At a very tender age of 22, this boy proudly embraced the love of audiences through his fun-loving videos on YouTube.

"This is Sumesh" is where Sumesh posts his amazing videos. The channel is trending on YouTube which is the sweet fruit of Sumesh's hard work and complete focus on his passion.

Sumesh is from Patiala Punjab. He did his schooling from Devine Public School. He was an average student during his schooling. He used to crack jokes, make fun of others and do all the silly things in school. Sumesh was least interested in studies and used to take everything lightly.

Now let's hear from Sumesh like how his life goals changed? Which was his turning point in life? How "This is Sumesh" came into existence?

1. You are one of the popular YouTuber these days, how does it feel to you?

Sumesh: I am really Thankful to everyone, every viewer and every commenter. Without you all, I am nothing. A big Thank you to everyone out there! Well, it is actually an exciting and overwhelming experience when your work is appreciated in such a way. I feel happy as well as proud at the same time for making people smile and spread happiness all over.

2. Can you tell about your journey? How "This is Sumesh" came into existence?

Sumesh: It's an Inspiring story though! I used to be a bindass boy in school, no worries, no tensions, just play, makes fun of other and crack jokes. After my 12th, I joined a Web Designing Course. One of my friends introduced me with YouTube video making concept which excited me more. My friend suggested me to watch and make comedy videos which matched with my own nature. One day sad news hit me that my best friend had passed away because of Thalassemia. I was in complete shock thinking that life is truly unpredictable. I then understood the importance of life. I decided not to live an average life now and decided to become a successful YouTuber. This is how "This is Sumesh" took birth.

3. What was your parent's reaction when you decided to become a YouTube video maker?

Sumesh: They were literally shocked. My parents and relatives took objection when I was leaving my Web Designing Course. They didn't want me to do video making instead they want me to keep focus on my career and join the family business. But with sheer confidence, I replied to them that I will be back with your answers very soon.

4. What do you think is the future of Video Blogging?

Sumesh: Video making is gaining traction. We can see number of Video makers showing their talents through their creativity. I feel there is much competition in today's scenario, so the newcomers should have something new, different apart from what we see today on YouTube. Though, it is an excellent platform for the talents and is a good career opportunity as well for the students like me ☺

We would like to tell you, "This Is Sumesh" has grabbed whopping 1.6 Million Subscribers and the Instagram followers list approx. up to 35k+ Followers. Wow, it's pretty amazing right? The digits are making us go wow!

Sumesh believes in himself. He says, "YouTube is my Passion and I love my work"!

Hats off Sumesh! Seriously, life has taught you so much and with your confidence, hard work as well as dedication you have bloomed to the fullest. Best Wishes ahead!

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