After filing a lawsuit against former EXO member Luhan in February, popular South Korean record label SM Entertainment has now taken legal action against Kris aka Wu Yifan on Thursday, 30 July.

The firm has even included several Chinese advertisement agencies and movie production companies in the lawsuit that has been registered at the Beijing court for including the K-Pop Star in their projects.

"As the lawful management of EXO members Kris and Luhan, after filing a lawsuit in February 2015 against Luhan and the companies employing him as an endorsement model for his illegal celebrity activities, SM Entertainment has now officially filed a lawsuit against against Kris, and the advertisement companies, movie production companies who have employed Kris for his illegal activities," informed the agency through a press release.

According to the official statement, the 24-year-old left the firm without notice after filing a one-sided lawsuit against it in May 2014. It even stated the K-Pop star used his EXO fame to pursue a solo career and it has financially hurt the company and its partners.

SM Entertainment even stated that the various celebrity activities, including modelling and acting, pursued illegally by Kris is not just "breach of contract", but also an unethical move that has negatively affected the firm, the boy band and its partners.

The entertainment company even claimed that it will do anything to protect the rights and interest of SM Entertainment, EXO and its partners "so that no further harm will come to more companies," according to AllKpop.

However, the legal battle between the record label and its former Chinese member has not really affected the celeb's professional life. He was recently ranked 42 in Forbes China Celebrity 100 list 2015 with earnings of 26.5 million yuan ($4.26 million).