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Slipknot percussionist, Chris Fehn has decided to sue his own bandmates for monetary compensation, after he found out that they have been raking in money from other places and kept him in dark.

Fehn, who has been the percussionist for the band since 1998, said that he was under a different impression about how the money was distributed. He believed that the revenue from touring and merchandise was dispersed from a single company.

But, Fehn claimed that he recently discovered his band members have set up several other Slipknot-affiliated business entities in different states, from where they have been raking in extra money using the band's brand name.

This was first reported by The Blast, which has alleged that none of the musicians like Fehn  received any compensation of sorts. Fehn alleges that the main people who curated this plan were the lead vocalist, Corey Taylor and fellow percussionist Shawn 'Clown' Crahan.

Fehn has demanded that the band's finances should be fully checked and after that, he should be paid the profits that he is owed.

After reading the news, Corey tweeted claiming that the news is "bullsh**", he has further asked the fans to wait until the truth comes out and that till then they should not be encouraging any conspiracy theories.

The report comes amid the metal act is about to release their latest album in August. The title of the album is yet to be decided and the band is putting the finishing touches on the album. The band is also set to tour North America this summer in their "Knotfest Roadshow." They will be supported by metal giants like Volbeat, Gojira, and Behemoth.