Arvind Kaur
Arvind Kaur

So your wedding day is nearby, and countless things are currently juggling in your mind. Besides the litany of chores, make sure you have made all your efforts to sustain the glow of your skin. By implementing some simple yet impactful tips by the renowned Arvind Kaur, celebrity makeup artist, you can improve on.

Let's make bridal beauty highest on the entire list of wedding chores. These phenomenal skincare tips by Arvind Kaur will save you from beauty blunders and make your skin glow than ever before.

1. Exfoliation

Exfoliation can make the skin glowing by removing blackheads and dead skin cells from it. It's better to make homemade scrub instead of trying some branded items. You can easily make it by using rice flour or even by mixing whole wheat flour in it. You need to apply it before face wash and make sure; you are using mild face wash for it. Do this practice at least three times every week.

2. Earlier Skin Care Services

Start taking skincare services at least before 2-3 months of your wedding day from a well-experienced makeup artist. These services will provide the required nourishment to your skin and make it healthy in all respects. Also, in this much time, you would be able to check if any product is reacting to your skin. It would help you choose the right products equalizing your skin tone.

3. Never Skip CTM

Cleaning, toning and moisturizing are your forever friends that keep the youngness of skin intact. Without even a single miss, do it periodically and keep your skin dirt & oil-free with deep cleansing. Reduce wrinkles with the help of toning. And, let your skin breath, with the help of moisturizer that makes it tender and supple.

4. Consider Your Diet Twice

For hair and skin, it's imperative to eat required nutrients every day. Make water, your companion, and drink at least 12 glass of water per day. Also, make your habit of taking green tea in the early morning and in between the day as well. Plus, take diet enriched with omega oil.

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