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A recent poll conducted by showed that more than 90 percent of Britons say that overweight plane passengers should pay more to fly. It also revealed that nearly 80 percent of those who were surveyed believe plus-size seats should be introduced on flights.

The survey took response from 2,500 adult Britons, who were quizzed about negative experiences they've had while flying. It included issues like passengers reclining in seats, knocking their seats and plus-sized passengers encroaching into their space.

According to a report by the Metro, respondents were asked: "Have you ever had a flight which has been made either uncomfortable or intolerable due to fellow passengers on your flight?" – to which 55 percent said yes.

Jetcost also polled 1,000 people from across Europe about the introduction wider seats, aisles and legroom for the overweight passengers and whether they felt separate zones should be introduced or not.

It revealed that some of Britain's neighbouring countries also shared a similar sentiment, with 72 percent of travellers in France, 61 percent in Italy and 56 percent in Spain agreeing to the fact that overweight passengers should have plus-size zones and should pay more.

However, Germany disagreed with 68 percent of travellers saying sections with larger seats should not be offered on planes.

A spokesperson for Jetcost told The Telegraph: "Having a separate area on the plane isn't about segregating plus-sized passengers; it's about making sure the flight is comfortable for everyone, not just those fortunate enough to fit into the standardly sized seats."

He added: "With wider aisles and seats, and more leg room in front, plus-sized passengers would be able to enjoy the flight far more, not having to worry about the person sat next to them, what they're thinking and if they're comfortable."