From the much hyped Video for Instagram app to the coolest new pedometer that counts your steps 24/7, we bring you apps you don't want to miss this week!

Video for Instagram

Video for Instagram
Video for Instagram (Credt: Official website)

Instagram's new video feature created huge hype this week when Facebook finally unveiled the Vine-like video app that is available for free. You just need to tap it for the video mode. You can take a maximum of 15 seconds to create a video and the shortest video is of three seconds. Audio is on by default.

Man of Steel Official game

Man of Steel official game
Man of Steel official game (Credt:

These days a big budget Hollywood film is not complete without its own official game. And Warner Bros has come out with an all-action game for Android users. With a swipe of your finger, you can make Superman take down his enemies. The game costs about ₹290.

Vodio Personal Video Curator

Vodio video curator
Vodio video curator (Credt: Official website)

With more than a million videos uploaded everyday, how many would you acutally browse through? This cool video curator shows only the hottest and latest videos on your screen. It filters through thousands of online video overload and organises the best stuff. And this year it was made available on Android as well, after its iPhone debut.

Mount Everest 3D for Acrophobians

This year was not just a first for a tweet from a woman amputee to climb Mount Everest. It was also a first for the highest mountain to get its own app. This iOS app lets you explore Mount Everest from all three dimensions with life-like details! "In absolutely photorealistic quality, free and unrestricted navigation through the mountain region is possible with this unique 3D app," Mount Everest 3D's official website says. There are maps available offline as well.

Splitwise for Groupies!

Splitwise the cool cost divider (Credt: Official website)

Going out to your favourite restaurant with friends this evening? This free app splits the bill properly with just a tap so that everyone pays the right amount. It also traces shared household and travel expenses. But for this simple to use app you need an online account to use it.

Noom Walk Pedometer

Noom Walk Pedometer
Noom Walk Pedometer (Credt:

Yes, it is a Sunday and you avoid going to the gym or for a brisk walk at a nearby park. But this cool new app automatically counts your steps 24/7! This pedometer consumes less than 2 percent of your battery and motivates you to have a fit-bit lifestyle. It is available for free for Android users. Happy healthy life!