Sister Wives
During the finale of "Sister Wives" season 5, Kody and Meri ended their long lasting legal relationship.Facebook/Sister Wives

Fans of "Sister Wives" were eager to know the real reason behind Kody-Meri "Divorce" and TLC revealed it in the finale of season 5. As many speculated, the separation was for Robyn's children.

But Janelle did not believe it and became sceptical about the decision. Initially, she refused to make any comments and said, "Only emotion I was feeling was shock. I had no thoughts."

Later on, Kody approached her to discuss the matter and she admitted her worries about how the legal restructuring will affect the family. 

"[I have] never been so great with change. I don't know what I'm in for. I'm worried it would change the dynamic. I know it's irrational... I'm worried somehow this would have you favour Robyn," she said. 

Though it was difficult for the family patriarch to convince his second wife, he managed to get her approval for "Divorce" and then they headed towards their lawyer's office, wherein Kody and Meri finalised their separation. "We're actually doing this. Right here right now," said Meri.

Before the end of the finale, Robyn revealed that Kody's legal battle for adoption has just begun. So the viewers can expect to see more on the family's fight for the three children from Robyn's first marriage, who are going through an unhealthy relationship with their father, in "Sister Wives" season 6.