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Meri and Janelle will work on their relationship in the latest instalment of "Sister Wives." However, things will go awry when Janelle has a difficult time adjusting to her sister's plan for Thanksgiving dinner.

Meri and Janelle have different personalities. The sisters, who have often fought a lot on the TLC reality show, finally saw the therapist in last week's instalment, Season 7 episode 3. Although it was difficult for Janelle to accept her mistakes, she did. However, it seemed as if Meri wasn't forthcoming, and this lack of commitment will show in Season 7 episode 4 as well.

The promo for the upcoming episode depicts the Brown family's Thanksgiving dinner. The special occasion allows the sisters to work on a project together: preparing the decorations.

However, Janelle gets upset when she heads over to Meri's house. She realises that Meri has already planned the décor and Janelle's contribution involves helping craft the decorative items.

"It kinda feels like the project is getting away from me now. It feels more like Meri's project. Also I can feel myself disengaging from the project because I'm like, 'Okay it's done,'" Janelle says in the preview clip.

Meri's decision to allow Janelle handle the decorations may just backfire, because the latter walks away from the house still feelings unsure. She says in the promo (via US Weekly) that Meri and her have agreed on the candles and the colour of the candles, but feels unsure of how the end product will be perceived, especially by Meri.

It doesn't look like Meri might be in the best of minds to be kind to Janelle either. She says, "Janelle really has been a self-proclaimed not-a-decorator. I think with her just coming over and seeing all the stuff that I have, it really is just overwhelming to her."

"Sister Wives" Season 7 episode 4 airs at 8 p.m. EST on TLC. You can live-stream the episode via Discovery Go.