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Will Kody re-marry Meri after adopting Robyn's children?Facebook/Sister Wives

Meri Brown will talk about her catfishing episode yet again on the latest instalment of "Sister Wives." In Season 7 episode 10 titled "Tell-All," the Brown family will gather to discuss Meri's crumbling marriage with Kody, while he is stone-faced listening to his wife's side of the story.

Throughout Season 7, Meri has tried to move past her embarrassing encounter with Jackie Overton, a catfisher who posed as Sam Cooper and carried on a relationship with the reality star. In the previous episodes, the family attacked her for falling in love with a stranger and even putting her marriage at risk. But why did Meri get so emotionally involved with another person outside her marriage? The 45-year-old will reveal what she gained in her relationship with the catfisher.

In the promo for Season 7 episode 10 "Tell All," Meri tells host Erica Hill that she wanted companionship and found it in the catfisher. She goes on to describe a perfectly normal and blissful relationship.

Meri admits that she did say "I love you" to the catfisher but emphasises that the sentence was used more flippantly. If there's one thing that she makes clear, it is the fact that she didn't want to cross boundaries in her marriage.

Meri tells Erica in the promo, "I said I'm not crossing any lines. That is not me and I will not do that. I know what my boundaries are."

While Meri makes an honest confession, Kody doesn't utter a word. It's obvious that he is hurt by his wife's confession.

However, he gives a nuanced answer when Erica asks Kody if he felt betrayed by Meri. Kody says, "I didn't know what was going on. I was lost in this. And Meri and I were struggling enough. It was hard to communicate."

Kody's changed attitude towards Meri in "Tell-All" indicates that he has perhaps moved on from the scandal and is empathetic of what she went through. Will the rest of the family support her as well? This remains to be seen.

"Sister Wives" Season 7 episode 10 airs at 8 p.m. EST on Sunday, June 26, on TLC. You can watch it online by streaming it on Discovery Go.