Apple co-founder Steve Wozniak says Siri, the much talked about iOS 5 voice recognition feature which came with iPhone 4S, was better before Apple bought it.

Siri was introduced as an iOS application in the App Store by Siri, Inc, which was acquired by the Cupertino tech giant in 2010.

Talking to TimesUnion, Wozniak said that Siri was capable of delivering a better performance before Apple bought it as it was more intelligent than present Siri on iPhone 4S. Siri would know when you ask it for the five biggest lakes in California or for prime numbers greater than 87, according to Wozniak.

However Siri is expected to get more intelligent in iOS 6. Now users would get new types of answers about sports, movies and more information on restaurants. And many more features are expected to be added in iOS 6, which is still in beta stage.