Several images posted on social media on Sunday appear to show homes belonging to Sunni Muslims on fire in the newly-liberated Yazidi town of Sinjar in Iraq.

The Kurdish Peshmerga and the Yazidi militia defeated the Islamic State (Isis), who controlled Sinjar, also known as Shingal, on 13 November.

The Isis militants had captured the Yazidi town back in August 2014, following which the radical Sunni group reportedly carried out a large-scale massacre.

The Sunni terrorist group considers the Yazidis devil-worshippers, and so wants to exterminate them. After taking over Sinjar, Isis reportedly killed thousands of men and women, while hundreds of young Yazidi women were sent to Raqqa (Syria) and Mosul (Iraq) as sex slaves.

A reprisal attack from the Yazidi has long been expected. Amnesty International in June reported that the persecuted Yazidis are now seeking revenge from the Arabs, who seem to have done little to save them from the Isis onslaught.

There also have been allegations that in some instances Sunni Muslims turned against their neighbours during the Isis onslaught.

In Sinjar, Twitter users claim the Yazidi militia write "Sunni" on homes belonging to Sunnis, which are then looted and burned.

The Yazidi militia, which consists of men who lost their homes and families to Isis, have been accused of carrying out revenge attacks against Sunni Muslims in other Iraqi towns earlier as well.

Sinjar reports on Twitter [Photos]

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@arabthomness why don'r you report about Peshmerga burning shia holy places in Tuz Kurmato and sunni homes in Sinjar

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 @Conflicts @PeshmergaNews Kurds burning sunni homes in Sinjar after so called "liberating" Sinjar? are they becoming another ISIS?

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Dangerous sectarian hatred in liberated #Sinjar: Houses of Sunni residents are set alight by victors. #Kurds