Valentine's Day
Valentine's DayReuters

While couples are gearing up to celebrate Valentine's Day on Friday, singles, or those who are not involved in a romantic relationship, are getting set for Singles Awareness Day or SAD.

SAD is also celebrated on Feb. 14, and unlike the day of love, SAD celebrates being single.

So, here are a few guidelines on how to make this day a joyous occasion and one you would want to celebrate.

Do not sulk at home: Staying at home lamenting the fact that you don't have a date is not going to help matters much. While your friends who are in relationships are out enjoying candlelight dinners at expensive restaurants, you can head out and do something fun this Friday. Or, invite your single friends over to your place and host a party.

Hang out with friends: Being with your friends is a great way to enjoy the day of love. Celebrate friendship instead of romance. Some of your friends might also not have that someone special in their lives, so go out for a movie, or set up a dinner date with them. Valentine's Day is not just about romantic love.

Take charge of your life: It is not always a good idea to set up a first date on Valentine's Day, but if you like someone, and ready for a relationship, then do not hesitate. This is the right time to act.

Treat Yourself: Pamper yourself at a spa or with a relaxing bubble bath. If you are staying in, do not toil in the kitchen. Instead, order your favorite food and enjoy the pleasure of your own company.

Enjoy being single: Always remember that the relationship you are in does not define the person you are.