IBTimes India Rating:1

"All that glitters is not gold" is an adage that describes "Singh is Bliing" perfectly.

Akshay Kumar (Raftaar) is a good-for-nothing twat who never finishes the task at hand. Tired of his callousness, papaji (Yograj Singh) sends him packing to Goa where he is employed by a casino owner (Pradeep Rawat).

Meanwhile in Romania, Sara Rana (Amy Jackson) beats up Mark (Kay Kay Menon) to pulp after which he apologises for getting frisky with her. Ego is hurt, baddie vows revenge.

Next up, she jets off to Goa in search of her mother where she meets Raftaar, whose job is to keep an eye on her. Since, the language barrier is an obvious hurdle here, a translator (Lara Dutta) is hired. She does nothing but adds to silliness of this confusion the makers are calling film.

What follows next are noisy songs, high-voltage but meaningless action scenes, forced gags and more vapidity.

Akshay drags this one on his sturdy shoulders. He aces the Sardar act imitating the diction carefully, but Amy is reduced only to a martial arts-knowing prop. Lara will regret having done what she has done.

Prabhu Deva, the director of this film, takes a risk with this original script and falls flat on his face. There's not one scene which gives you a basic understanding of what is going on in this action-comedy.

Thankfully, it's not a sequel to "Singh is Kinng" because if it had been so, this movie would have felt a whole lot worse.

In a nutshell, this over-the-top, blingy, noisy fare is how a fake piece of gold jewellery is - it shines bright, but has very little market value.