Udit Narayan
Udit NarayanANI

Popular singer Udit Narayan has been receiving death threats from an unknown number, following which he lodged a complaint. The veteran singer said that he has been getting death threats for the last one month, and now he has lodged a complaint at Amboli police station in Mumbai.

After initial investigation, police found out that the threat calls have been made from a stolen cell phone by someone named Laxman, according to reports. "The complaint was filed by the singer four days ago and since then we have increased patrolling near Udit's residence," one senior inspector told media.

It has also been learnt that the stolen phone belonged to none other than security guard of Udit's building. During interrogation, the security guard said that his phone was stolen a month ago.

While Udit is facing a serious problem due to the calls, his son Aditya was in news some time ago for some wrong reasons. He was involved in a car accident that had left two persons severely injured.

Aditya had rammed his car into a rickshaw, causing it to topple over twice. However, behaving like a responsible citizen, the star kid had apologised for the accident, and made full arrangements for the victims' treatment.