Kshitji Tarey
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Singer Kshitij Tarey, the voice behind soulful tracks like Tose Naina Lage from Anwar, Madno from Lamhaa and Aye Khuda from Murder 2 has came out with his latest single 'Iltejaa'. The sad romantic song has been sung and composed by Kshitij and the lyrics are written by Sayeed Quadri. The song is released by Indie Music Label

'Iltejaa' is a song very close to Kshitij's heart and he believes it will instantly strike a chord with listeners says a source, "The track is all achingly romantic and revolves around asking the beloved to come back. Kshitij has recorded the whole String section like cello violas violins doubles bass and the whole music production is a combination of orchestral and new age sound which has come out beautifully. The video has been shot in Dubai and features Kshitij in it. The video also stars Akshay Kahrodia and Zainab Parekh in it."

Syeed Quadri, the lyricist behind some Bollywood's biggest musical albums like Murder, Zeher, Barfi, Bhool Bhulaiyaa, Ki and Ka has penned the song. The deep lyrics complimented by Kshitij's music is sure to make 'Iltejaa' a chart buster.

Commenting on the track, Kshitij Tarey says, "ILTEJAA " as the title suggest is a request to the beloved to come back again.

I think this song is for every individual because we all have gone through breakups in our life and somewhere we all want that things should work out well with our loved one . This is a very special song for me for many reasons , this is a story of every Lover. The song has been beautifully written by Sayeed Quadri ji. The song has whole orchestral feel as we have dubbed whole String Section for it and clubbed it with new age sounds which has turned out very well."

Commenting on the same, lyricist Sayeed Quadri says "Iltejaa song is very emotional and sad romantic song and soulfully sung and composed by kshitij tarey it will definitely touch your heart."