Jas Johal

The music industry has introduced numerous talented artists who have managed to make their mark on their exceptional skills. However, a few have been lucky enough to establish their presence at an early stage of their careers, Jas Johal being one amongst them. He has exuded his side as a singer, rapper, and DJing, having gained a strong position. His passion towards music helped him take strides in his career, which landed him a good position from where he calls the shots.

Speaking about his journey to the top, he recalls how at 14 he stepped into the world of music as a DJ, which won him accolades that encouraged him to pursue this career going ahead in life. The journey though had its own ups and downs, but that didn't prevent him from paving his path which led to his career as a singer, rapper and DJ artist. This London based artist's focus and dedication towards making music helped him come a long way from where he had initially started his journey.

He has since then worked in numerous prestigious projects, which have only catapulted his popularity to the next level. Some of his rap work can be seen in Marjavan in DJ H's album Reloaded and Jawani 2 which stars DJ H and Nirmal Sidhu. He has also collaborated with many other DJs to spin some extraordinary music, which has soared his popularity even higher. TV series Nightshift TV on Britasia TV opened up the doors for him as he was interviewing mega stars like Amitabh Bachchan, Abhishek Bachchan, Jazzy B, Flo Rida, Jeremih, and many more in the show.

The show restarted a decade later where he interviewed fellow DJs like DJ Harv and Rajeev B and other celebrities like Juggy D, Manj Musik, Arjun, Tom Zanetti, DMO Deejay, H-Dhami and many more. He also teamed up with Rajeev B for After Dark Clouds, which shot his popularity to extreme levels. His journey as a DJ has been fulfilling as he has come a long way from the time he played at the university to playing alongside popular US artists like Ne-Yo, Soulja Boy, and Jay Sean to playing at more than 800 weddings across the world including Los Angeles, New York, Istanbul, Kenya and many more.