DJ Okii's ability to take his fans to another world has been recognized for making his content the ideal escape.

Are you dreaming about making it big as a singer? Developing a thick skin and learning to persevere is critical the road ahead is not always easy. Even the successful singers today had to start somewhere. DJ Okii is a musician and also a content creator. He mainly made songs in Urdu and English and knows Spanish well.

He formerly started his career as one dynamic musician in the genre of Hip-Hop. He started music in the year 2014 as a passion. He gained local recognition with the first song, Make you famous. He has been a speaker at many motivational events. He performed at many car shows and fashion events. He launched the song Don't want ya girl in 2015, which later came to #1 on Radio 106 Kmel, where he gained popularity. He also started doing comedy skits on vine in 2013, which later got shut down. His comedy skits have been featured on many pages like WorldStar and Ladbible. His comedy skits come on Instagram and Tik Tok. He is known for his powerful vocals, insightful videos, and intense performances. His music incorporates his unique sound. His videos have been influential throughout the industry.

He has made a long way in this industry with his hard work and dedication. He is one of the top Entertainment influencers in the United States, with a 50K audience on Instagram.