Composer and singer Amaal Mallik was reportedly beaten up by two policemen at the recently held Umang 2016 in Mumbai. Spotboye reported that the young composer got into an argument with the cops, and after he verbally abused one of the senior officers, the policemen started beating him.

Amaal, had gone to guide his parents inside the venue through the VIP gate. A senior police officer, who was dressed in civil clothes, stopped the singer and asked him to take the regular gate as it was only for VIPs. This offended Amaal, and he started abusing the cop, unaware of the fact that he was a senior officer of the Mumbai Police.

While Amaal continued hurling abuse, the police officer and a constable got furious and started beating the young singer, the report said. Eventually, certain celebrities inside the venue came to know about the incident and Anu Malik rushed to the spot to rescue his nephew. The cops let Amaal go only after Anu Malik apologised on his behalf, the report added.

However, after the event, Amaal took to Twitter and shared some photos suggesting he had a great time at Umang 2016.

Amaal, who is best known for his songs in "Roy" and "Hero", is one of the youngest composers in the industry. The 24-year-old made his singing debut with the song "O Khuda" from the movie "Hero".