Sims 4
Sims 4 will be available in October 2014. (Representational Image)

Upcoming video game, Sims 4 from developer Maxis has a new video that show us how to build houses in the game.

This life simulation game continues the tradition of The Sims franchise. It is published by Electronic Arts. The new video shows how easy it is to construct building in Sims 4. Players will be able to pinch, squeeze, stretch the architecture in the game to make it as comfortable or relative to the life of its players. It will also provide players with full furnished rooms which can be later resized. Players will also be able to move entire house just by dragging the selected building.

Players will also be able to change the height of the walls and will be provided with the option to add windows or rearrange the already fixed windows. If players feel that the foundation is less then they can change its height, this can be even after the house is already a finished building.

The game will be available on PC and Mac in October 2014 after being delayed. Sims 4 will not need Internet connection for playing unlike its predecessors and can be played by more people and on low-end systems too.

(YouTube Courtesy: TheSims)

Armored Warfare Gets a New Trailer

A new trailer sheds more light on Armored Warfare, a free-to-play MMO video game from Obsidian Entertainment and The trailer shows us the environment in the game.

The trailer showcases that using the tank, players will be able to not only destroy houses but will also be destroying almost anything that comes under its belly. This is seen in the clips where the tank destroys structures like fences, buildings and walls. Tanks can also retaliate though its artillery fire.

Some of the environment included cities, desert and many more. This game will provide players with co-op campaigns and team-based matches, where they will be the private military contractors. The game will be powered by CryEngine. The game's progressing is two levels – one thought the military vehicles and other via personal military base where players will be able to train their crews, upgrade the tanks or get involved in maintenance of their tanks and other related vehicles.

It is not just main battle tanks that players get to control but also vehicles like combat vehicles and high-powered artillery. Players who want to register themselves for the closed beta of the game can do it so here.

(YouTube Courtesy: Armored Warfare)