The rumour doing the rounds that suggested "The Sims 4," the simulation video game from Maxis, would also be rolled out for PS4 and Xbox One consoles, has turned out to be just that. A possible release had excited several Sims fans, but the developer behind the game later confirmed via Twitter that the rumours are to be ignored.

The tweet came from Senior Producer Lyndsay Pearson, who said that the company does not plan to bring out a console version of the game.

It was being said for the past several months that EA, the game's publisher, might release it on consoles. The game is currently available on PC and Mac.

Fans were hoping that news of the console edition would be revealed at the upcoming Gamescom 2016, an annual gaming event. But with the tweet from Pearson, it does not look like the company is going to bring it on consoles.

It was also reported earlier that PS4 and Xbox One were delayed due to porting issues.  

"The Sims 4" received Backyard Stuff on July 19. This expansion allows players to add decorations to their backyard garden with new fountains, lawn water slides and more. They can also add new hairstyles and fashion to the Sims. 

The new content would add the following features to the game:

  • All-new Lawn Water Slide
  • Personalise the Backyard
  •  Lounge in New Fashion