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Season 28 of Fox's animated series "The Simpsons" is all set to premiere this fall and coincidentally, the premiere will take place during the election season.

The show is known for taking a bold and hilarious stand on the contemporary social and cultural circumstances and it seems that the characters will make their choices on the current Donald Trump-Hillary Clinton debate.

The first promo of "The Simpsons" Season 28 shows the Simpsons family pondering upon whom to vote in the next presidential elections. In the trailer, an announcer speaks: "It's 3 am and the phone's ringing in the White House. Whom do you want to answer that call?"

Afterwards, the animated versions of Clintons appear and Bill gives the phone to Hillary. "Yes, from now on, it's always for me," Hillary says. Donald Trump enters next, reading "Great Speeches" by "A. Hitler" and tweeting "And Elizabeth Warren tweets too much. Glad I exiled her." After a few more scenes, the video ends with the Simpsons saying, "And that's how I became a Democrat."

Recent rumours state that Season 28 will be the last season of "The Simpsons." Carter Matt has stated that it could be a last-ditch attempt to mock Trump as he is now leading the polls. Pop culture elements are known for influencing elections significantly and it can be the show's strategy to do the same.

"The Simpsons" Season 28 is scheduled to air on Sept. 25, Sunday, on Fox. The title of Episode 1 is "Monty Burns' Fleeing Circus." The episode will feature Mr. Burns along with all the regular characters. The story will explore Mr. Burns' childhood and his somewhat strange past that will answer several questions regarding his origins.